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Two reasons why diabetics need to visit their optometrist regularly

If you are diabetic, then you should be visiting an optometrist regularly. Continue reading to learn why. You have a higher risk of developing cataracts If you have diabetes, then you have a much higher chance of developing cataracts at some point in your life than people who do not suffer from this condition. A cataract is an eye condition which can cause proteins to accumulate on the lens of the eye. Read More 

Are You at Risk for Developing Cataracts?

Have you noticed lately that you've become more sensitive to light and your night vision is not what it used to be? Are your eyes dark brown? These factors may indicate that you are developing cataracts. Of course, you should have an eye test without delay, and if the results show that you need cataract surgery, there is really no need for you to worry unduly. You are in the company of almost one-third of Australians who have the condition. Read More 

Tips and Advice To Combat Dry Eyes This Winter

When the winter months arrive, you may notice that your eyes become dry and irritated. This phenomenon is caused by the dry heat inside your home and the freezing winds and plunging temperatures outside. This contrast creates a perfect storm for your eyes, leaving them dehydrated, itchy and stinging. Left unresolved, dry eyes can cause more serious problems in the long term and a visit to the optometrist will be required to put things right. Read More 

Are Your Prescription Glasses Giving You Headaches?

If you're getting regular headaches and wear prescription glasses but can't pin down where the headaches are coming from, you may want to investigate whether your glasses are the problem. There are various reasons why your lens prescription might give you headaches, all of which are typically easily fixed. Are You Using a New Prescription? If you've recently had an eye test, you may have been told that the prescription on your lenses needs changing. Read More 

4 Early Warning Signs of Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a degenerative disorder of the eye which is thought to occur in roughly 1 out of every 2,000 persons. It refers to a process in which structure changes within the cornea cause it to become thinner and develop into a conical shape in contrast to the regular gradual curve. Keratoconus can require surgery, even a corneal transplant, though catching it early often means needing nothing more than corrective glasses or contact lenses. Read More 

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You Can See Clearly Now: Blogs About Optometry

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jessica, and I have worn glasses since I was a toddler. I have always been interested in vision, and I am thinking about going back to school to pursue a career in optometry. Currently, I work part time in a medical clinic, and I spend the rest of my time home with my kids Jason and Grey, who are four and six. I plan to cover a range of optometry facts and ideas in this blog. From eye diseases to glasses styles, I hope to write a bit about everything. I hope you enjoy this blog.